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King Town No.1 Hotel (Xi'an Bell Tower) is located in Dongmu City, South Street, Beilin District, Xi'an City, adjacent to the shopping paradise Luoma City in the east, to the bustling main road South Street in the west, and close to the clock tower; close to the bus station And subway line 2, travel is quick and easy.

Hotel is a brand of Longxin Group. It is carefully designed by famous domestic interior space designers and has a rich historical and cultural atmosphere. The hotel has all kinds of exquisite guest rooms.

The rooms are equipped with central air-conditioning, digital TV receiving system, 24-hour hot water and other ancillary facilities, which are simple yet luxurious. It is also equipped with a 42-inch LCD TV, six sleep pillows and the well-known TOTO bathroom system, which brings a better staying experience and enjoyment.

There is a large self-service bar on each floor of the hotel, which offers laundry, drying, ironing, microwave and vending machines. The hotel restaurant Qingyuan and Xi'an Restaurant are catering for local Xi'an specialties. Originally Qingyuan, they pay attention to the research of raw materials and cooking techniques, and return to Chinese food culture.

The restaurant's roasted duck, yellow carp, and small cart beef are typical town dishes, as well as traditional Xi'an dishes such as gourd chicken, roasted Sanxian, Ziyang steamed raspberries, etc., as well as traditional Xian snacks such as Sanxian boiled ravioli, Hu spicy soup, BiangBiang noodles, etc. Over the years, it has been well received by customers.